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"It is 1960. You are a paranormal journalist/investigator, writing for a popular sensationalist supernatural magazine. The editors don't actually believe in the supernatural, and so you are left writing many fantasy ghost stories for a magazine which is rarely taken seriously. You've investigated haunted sites before, and you decide to go against your bosses and investigate and write about a REAL haunted site. You know this kind of story could impress the right people in the right places, and earn you a permanent position investigating the paranormal. You decide to visit one of the most notorious, ancient, foreboding haunted sites in the city, The Fallen Kings Mansion.

After much persuading of the groundskeeper, you finally gain the key to access the mansion, not before asking you 3 times in a quiet voice 'Are you completely sure?' The giant oak doors of the mansion yell as they open, leaving a mist of dust in their wake. You feel a gnarled hand grab you by the arm and drag you inside, with most of your research equipment still lying on the floor outside. The gigantic doors swing shut behind you and slam hard against the old stone. Silence. You're taking deep breaths as you try to turn your torch on. Click. Click. Smash. The bulb breaks. There is nothing but complete darkness. And that's when you hear it...

'Look behind you.'"

The scene of the game is set inside the mansion, wherein the player is trapped with the ghost who resides inside. The ghost wants to toy and play with the player in the mansion, so tries to scare the player by interacting with various objects in the room such as the radio or the piano. The ghost has locked the player in the room, which is why the player needs to try and get rid of the ghost in order to escape, because it's too dangerous to stay and investigate. The player still has some of their equipment; a Spirit Draining device. When the player presses the space bar, the Spirit Draining device tries to capture the energy of any paranormal beings within a small radius. This weakens the ghost and forces the ghost to flee. The player needs to try and use the device when they are closest to the ghost in order to harm the ghost, therefore they need to find the ghost in the darkness and get close enough to it.

The room has 4 objects in the scene for the ghost to interact with, and a table at the centre of the room that the player can bump into. The ghost can interact with a typewriter, a piano, a radio, and the doors to the room, creating noises to let the player know where the ghost is. When the player uses the Spirit Drainer device on the ghost, it will flee to another object in the scene. When the player has weakened the ghost after these four interactions, the doors of the room will then open, and the player can escape and beat the game.

Install instructions

Earphones recommended!

Download the zip file and extract the files.

Inside the 'Escape! An Audio Only Horror Game,' folder, double click the executable called GhostEscape to begin the game. The game instructions will appear on the screen, and then press OK to begin.

Good luck!


Escape! An Audio Only Horror Game.zip 38 MB