A downloadable Application for Windows

What happens when horror meets procedural dungeons?? Nightmares, that's what...

This is a 3D procedural dungeon generator in a horror themed setting that I created for my Procedural Methods module.

Install instructions

You will need DirectX 9 or above to run this application.

Download the zip file and extract its contents.

Double click the 'Run Dungeon' executable file found in the 'Procedural Dungeon' folder.

This will run the application and create a procedural dungeon.

The controls of the application are:

Camera Controls:

UP ARROW KEY - Move Forward

DOWN ARROW KEY - Move Backward

LEFT ARROW KEY - Rotate Left

RIGHT ARROW KEY - Rotate Right

A KEY- Move Up

Z KEY- Move Down

Distortion Controls:

D KEY- Toggle Distortion Effect

F KEY - Decrease Distortion

G KEY - Increase Distortion

Application Controls:

W KEY - Toggle Wireframe

C KEY - Toggle Collision

ESCAPE - Close application

I KEY - View instructions on screen


Procedural Dungeon App.zip 1 MB